birth readiness support and lamaze in tampa

Why Birth Readiness

My passion for birth readiness came out of personal experience in the birthing of my 3 children.  I prepared for my second and third births, and found that birth was normal and natural, that my body was capable of birthing.  This was so different from my first birth, for which I was completely unready.  So different; that it sparked a passion to offer other women the opportunity to feel confident and ready for birth.

About Me

I am a mom of 3 and a very happy Grandma of 4.  I've been teaching both private and group birth education classes to expectant couples in the Tampa Bay area since 1987.  I also counsel expectant mothers at Assure Women's Center.  When I'm not chatting with people about birth, I enjoy working in my yard, growing violets, and baking delicious cheesecakes.

About Lamaze Classes

Through Lamaze, expectant parents learn both what to expect during labor, and empower them with the confidence and practical skills they need to meet the challenges of birth.  As a life-long learner and birth worker, I've seen first hand the difference that birth readiness makes; especially when classes are personalized to meet the needs of each couple.

Join me for coffee...

We can talk about your hopes for your pregnancy and birth, and how to develop a birth readiness plan that will give you confidence.  This is a special complimentary meet-up I offer to expectant parents.